Introduction to Clement Sector

Well, I’m on holiday at last after an incredibly busy period at work helping move most of the IT facilities for my employer to a new building. I’m just starting to write this review whilst sat in the cottage garden I’ve booked for my wife and I (and pet greyhound Millie) not far from the coast near Whitby, in the east of England so some chill out time and catching up with Traveller RPG reviews and blogging is well overdue.

Gypsy Knights Games have just added their latest title Introduction to the Clement Sector at the bargain price of free, available for download at Drivethru RPG, which you can’t really argue with! It’s designed to give potential players and referees an overview of the ATU of the Clement Sector should they wish to invest in some of the GKG products.

Introduction to the Clement Sector

The book is 29 pages long including cover and open game license legalities. The book starts with a 7 page introduction to the Clement Sector, a timeline of major recent events and background to the Zimm-drive, the equivalent to the jump drive in Third-Imperium Traveller. If I was to give an overview of how Clement sector ‘feels’, I would say a cross between 2300AD, Classic Traveller and the TV series Firefly. 2300AD in that interstellar travel is possible but with limitations and many technologies are not too far removed from us in the early 21st century; Classic Traveller because humans are the dominant (well, only) intelligent creatures in the known universe and Firefly because you have a number of technologically advanced core worlds and a large number of outlying ‘frontier’ worlds where many adventures can be set. This introductory section also describes the background and practicalities to the Zimm-drive, because this works in a different way to the OTU Traveller jump drive. There is a ship size limit of 2-5000 tons and range of 2.4 parsecs, though most ships keep to 2 parsecs for reliable travel. I think this limitation helps keep the ‘feel’ of the setting within reasonable limits in that humans have had interstellar capabilities for a few hundred years, have made use of it and expanded into space, but realised its limitations.

The background has been developed by John Watts and a small team of writers and there are a large number of books, adventures and supplements with which to jump into the Clement Sector. There are two pages dedicated to describing the current titles in print, which I reckon will become quickly out of date due to the frequent number of releases that Gypsy Knights Games have.!I should note though that the list will probably get updated every so often, GKG are very good in tracking down typo’s and making amendments to make sure their books are as up to date as possible. If you subscribe to the Drivethru RPG alerts, you’ll get these amendments notified through email.

There are a couple of pages of FAQ’s interspersed with some nice colour images, which is then followed by a short adventure using materials from two publications ’21 Plots: Misbehave’ and ‘Dade Colonies’ which forms a nice complete adventure with a detailed background of one of the planets that can be found in the Clement Sector.

Overall, this is a good introduction to the background of the Clement Sector and why you should invest in it as a backdrop for your adventures. Its heavily world / technology orientated; if I was to add anything, perhaps a page or two on the careers and peoples of the Clement Sector, especially as there are some excellent books available from GKG to support the background. I think this would have balanced the book out a bit more – but as I mentioned earlier, the book is free and you’re getting a free adventure for the deal, so its all good!

I’d like to thank John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games for informing me of this latest release.

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2 Responses to Introduction to Clement Sector

  1. Patron Zero says:

    Wicked cool setting and most generous offering indeed.

    Major props for adopting a Greyhound !

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