Traveller Calendar 2015

In time for Christmas, the Traveller RPG 2015 calendar has been released; due to various reasons there was no 2014 edition, however thanks to Ian Stead co-ordinating submissions from 12 artists from around the world (including myself), the new calendar is available for purchase. It has been produced in honour of Bryan Gibson, a long time Traveller artist who sadly passed away earlier this year and all profits go towards the designated charity.

Traveller Calendar 2015

If you would like to purchase a copy (and it really is worth it!) you can grab a PDF version from Drivethru RPG for a very reasonable $4.00, or a print-on-demand copy from for £17.74.

In other new-release news, Gypsy Knights Games have released another supplement Ships of Clement Sector 6: Jinsokuna Chirashi-class Yacht, a multirole craft that can be found in the Clement Sector ATU. The book is available for $4.99 and I’ll be taking a look at it shortly.

I’ve also just submitted my entry for the Zhodani Base ’76 Patrons’ writing contest; the competition is fiercer than ever with (at the time of writing) 19 other entries being sent in. One way or another, there will some great adventures to read over the coming Christmas break!

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