Ships of the Clement Sector 5 – Traders and Scouts Review

First off, a bit of news… just over a week or so ago I was extremely pleased to hear that I’d been highly placed (from what I can make out from the ordering of the prize list) in fourth place in the Amber Zone adventure contest! I’d submitted an entry called ‘One Second to Midnight’, a rescue scenario with a twist… set on a world at war with a (for those of us that can remember) 1980’s feel to it. I’m very chuffed and grateful to those who thought it worthy of such an accolade and for the prizes; PDF of the DSL Ironworks Escape Shuttle, $10 Drive Thru RPG voucher and a printed copy of the Kickstarter Traveller5 ‘Cirque’ book which I’m looking forward to receiving.

If you want to take a look at the scenario, click on this link, or jump to the Amber Zone by following this link. My sincere thanks to BeRKA, Mike, Anders, Dylan and Eric for running the competition and the sponsors (Gypsy Knights Games, DSL Ironworks, Greylock Publishing Lines and Spica Publishing) for their support.

Since my last post, Gypsy Knights Games have released the ‘Hub Federation Ground Forces‘ sourcebook and earlier this week, ‘Grand Safari’, a set of linked adventures set in the Clement Sector. If you want to take a look at it in the Drivethru RPG store, point your browser at:- Grand Safari at Drivethru RPG.

Today I want to take a look at Gypsy Knights Games ‘Ships of the Clement Sector 5: Traders and Scouts‘. This is a PDF available from Drivethru RPG for $9.99 and is a total of 81 pages long. The book features some of the smaller spacecraft that can be found plying the spacelanes of the Clement Sector. Visitors to this site may or may not know that I’m a big fan of spacecraft books, having owned the TTA ‘Spacecraft…’ books since I was a kid, so I approached this book with just a bit more of extra eagerness than usual! Furher information about the TTA series can be found at my TTA art gallery / background at Digital Waterfalls.

The book contains complete descriptions and specifications for seven spacecraft that can be found in the Clement Sector ATU. Mongoose Traveller ship stats are provided, along with some pretty top-notch artwork. Ship types range in size from 100dT to 200dT (four types described), one 400dT, one 500dT and one final ship at 1000dT size. The four small craft are your typical traders and runabouts; what makes these interesting are the detailed descriptions how the craft came into being, history and deck descriptions. There is a page of Mongoose Traveller stats, along with a page of isometric line art of the ship, showing each one from four angles. A further 3D view is provided (again in greyscale / line art) plus some colour artwork also by Ian Stead. The ships are very well designed, some nice looking craft that wouldn’t look out of place in any science-fiction RPG. The 400dT craft (a long-range scout) is quite a squarish-looking design and despite its wings and fins, looks like it has the aerodynamic efficiency of a house brick! The remaining two designs, a 500dT exploration craft and a 1000dT tanker, complete the books spacecraft.

Traders and Scouts

For me, I’m more inclined to compare the book format to the TTA ‘Spacecraft 2000-2100AD‘ book, simply because it doesn’t have a dry, ship specification format like some books, but there is a written history and background which I appreciate more. The range of craft is reasonable in as much it isn’t a book with lots of the same variation. What is also a nice touch is that the book is broken up with three to four pages of a ‘situational story background’ that relates to the next craft.

In addition, there are stats for four NPCs, the background to a named craft and two pages of adventure hooks for traders and scouts. Additional art by Bradley Warnes completes the books presentation.

Though the book is priced at $9.99 for the PDF which may seem a tad expensive, a lot of effort has gone into providing a lot for your purchase; another way of looking at it that’s just over $1.40 per starship, which in my view is pretty good value. I like ‘Traders and Scouts’ a lot and whether you’re looking for some spacecraft to fit into your Clement Sector campaign or your Traveller RPG in general, you’ll certainly find good value in purchasing this book – recommended!

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