21 More Organisations Review

Where have the past few months gone? Can’t believe its been that long since I wrote a review article for Alegis Downport, work, studying and life in general have made things blur and the weeks have shot by. However, its now the summer and its a good opportunity to catch up with some product reviews and a few mentions.

First off, I’ve picked up a copy of ‘Shadow of the Storm’ from the Kindle market place, by Martin J. Dougherty. This is a novel written in the OTU background, following the adventures of a starshp captain set in the Solomani sector / Third Imperium. I’m going to give the book a read over the next few weeks and I’ll post a short review as soon as I can.

In Moon Toad Publishing news, Ian Stead has published two new ship books; ‘Ship Book Panga’ and the ‘Lune Freelancer’. He’s also released the ‘Ship Design Sheets’ which I’ll also be taking a look at very soon.

I also submitted an entry for the Amber Zone adventure contest a few weeks back, so I’m eagerly waiting for the results of the competition. From what I’ve seen so far, the standard is very high!

John Watts from Gypsy Knights Games hasn’t been letting the grass grow under his feet, with the publication of ’21 More Organisations’ for the Clement Sector ATU background which I will review here.

The book describes a number of organisations and individuals that the adventurer may come across in the Clement Sector and is a follow up to the original ’21 Organisations’ that was released earlier this year. The book is 41 pages long and is available in watermarked PDF format from Drivethru RPG for $5.99. The product is interspersed with plenty of colourful character artwork by Bradley Warnes, which is of his usual high quality.

21 More Organisations

The 21 Organisations featured in book detail the background from individuals and small companies right the way through to multi-system organisations. There is quite a lot of variety here, along with a character generation system for ‘Alpha Delta Force‘, one of the prominent paramilitary groups operating in The Clement Sector. There is a lot to feed scenarios and things for the players to get involved in, a few notable favourites include the ‘Reliable Starship Escort Service‘ who offer shipping escort duties for the right price, the ‘Hard Chargers‘ who are a group of nomadic travellers who travel in a fleet of spacecraft, never venturing to planetside and finally the ‘Cascadia Fugitive Marshalls Service‘ which also has character generation stats provided. I read this book from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed every page, each featured organisation is different enough for the book not to feel they are either repeating themselves, or they are similar in nature. The number of pages covering an individual organisation is uneven, for example there are five pages for ‘Alpha Delta Force‘ and one and a half or the ‘Crawford Foundation‘ but the level of text is just right for each respective description.

Reading the book gave me a few ideas for scenario’s featuring some of the organisations from the book.

Scenario 1 – an executive from Harbringer Productions wants the players to film a documentary aboard the Hard Chargers. The players will need to use their ingenuity to get amongst the group and somehow produce a film about them.

Scenario 2 – the Cascadia Fugitive Marshalls Service want the players to get someone sheltering aboard the hard chargers. They will need to pass themselves off as a member of the hard chargers, find their target by working their way across several ships and get them to the marshalls without alerting the group. If they do, it could be very difficult to effect an escape.

Overall, the book is an excellent addition to the Gypsy Knights Games portfolio, there is plenty to read and inspiration for scenario ideas. I can hughly recommend it to anyone who wishes to expand the background for their Clement Sector campaign. I’d like to thank John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games for forwarding me a copy to review.

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