Traveller Bundle of Holding Offer

A quick post to mention this very good offer via FFE and Marc Miller; the Bundle of Holding website has a great offer to get you started in a Classic Traveller campaign. There are two offers – the first to get the rules and a starter adventure and if you level up, you can get a stack load of supplements. Part of the payment goes to charity, as nominated by Marc Miller.

Got a bit of spare holiday cash? Why not pick up some gaming material and feel good by contributing to some good causes at the same time… nip over to but be quick as there is only about a week left for the offer to run!

Following my review of the Cascadia Adventures in print, Freelance Traveller Magazine’s August issue has a review of the same book, with a rather nice mention of yours truly’s artwork and deck plans!

I’ve also been kindly sent some books to review from Ian Stead of Moon Toad Publishing. These, along with a review of Gypsy Knights Games ’21 More Organisations’, I’ll be posting here in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy whats left of the summer break!

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