Cascadia Adventures in Print

A very nice surprise arrived in the post today, a print copy of the Gypsy Knights Games ‘Cascadia Adventures’ which has just been released at Drivethru RPG. I’ll declare my involvement with this project straight away, in that I produced some spacecraft and associated deck plan artwork when the books were originally released as separate PDF’s back in July 2012. This book is an amalgamation of the three books into one publication.

The glossy finish soft back book is 94 pages in length covered in the now familiar Gypsy Knights Games house ‘style’ of black main cover, with prominent red lettering and grey vertical side bar. The copy I received is A4 in size and feels like a premium quality book. The pages are bright white heavy copy paper, which again makes the book feel like a good value production.


The book includes the three adventures ‘Save Our Ship’, ‘The Lost Girl’, and ‘Fled’; However my intention in this review is to cover the differences between the print edition and the original PDF copies. A major difference is that a substantial amount of character art (digital models, DAZ Studio / Poser style) has been added, by Bradley Warnes illustrating what the supplied characters look like, along with the NPCs featured in the book and various scenes from the adventures. These of course, are of up to Bradley’s usual high standards.


The text reproduction I couldn’t find fault with; the colour I had a couple of very minor issues, which I’ve noticed before in other print-on-demand services. There are some shadows (especially where red has been used in the image) the print reproduction is slightly lighter than what it should be. This (to me) is noticeable on the ‘Dust Runner‘ scene on page 3, simply because I know what the original image looks like. However, I should point out that this image gave another printers trouble in the Traveller 2013 Calendar, so must be something with my scene! I should stress they are minor observations that for the average purchaser, the scenes look absolutely fine and you won’t be disappointed with the book.


For $19.99 as a print book this is a really nice addition to a referees library; a group with get quite a few hours worth of play out of the adventures and you’ll get additional value from the book by reusing the NPCs in other scenario’s. Overall, you will most certainly be pleased with purchasing Cascadia Adventures!

Finally, I’d like to thank John Watts for forwarding me a copy of the book, which I am very grateful for!

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