New Gypsy Knights Games Releases

A quick posting for those Travellers who are looking for something to read over the coming half-term holiday (at least here in the UK anyway!) Gypsy Knights Games have released two new products to supplement their Clement Sector background: 21 Plots: Samaritan is another in the popular line of short adventures with six possible outcomes, in the same vien as the Classic Traveller book 76 Patrons.

Literally just out in the past few hours, Ships of the Clement Sector 4: Small Craft features as the name suggests, small craft designs and craft. I shall be looking forward to reviewing these whilst I finish composing my latest review: the Career Companion.

If you’re on holiday next week like I am, I hope wherever you happen to be travelling to, may your jump fuel be refined and mishap roll-free!

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Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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