The Fantasy Traveller Part 7 – The Shaman

A belated, if not extremely late, addition to my ‘Fantasy Traveller’ series of articles where I want to look into the possibility of adding some sort of magic and healing into my ‘hard fantasy’ setting, using the Classic Traveller RPG rules.

In order to fit in ‘magic’ per se into Traveller, I can’t bring myself to use the typical D&D ™ (R) (c) basis for how magic ‘exists’ in the world, ie. its everywhere. That would be too easy! Instead, in order that it can fit in with my idea that Grond is a world that can fit into a Traveller ‘universe’, then magic in this ‘traditional’ sense cannot exist.

Instead, my idea is this; the equivalent of magic on Grond is like an electrical ‘force’ that fluctuates, with an ebb and flow. Because this electrical force is not always around, ie. there are strong and weak spots wherever you may be, the magic-user always has to make a successful roll when they want to cast a spell. having the shamanic skill can apply as a DM. The ‘magic’ (if it was visible) looks a bit like the aurora and is some form of the magnetic and electrical field on Grond.

In order to channel and make use of the electrical force on Grond, only specialists who are ‘in tune’ or have had some sort of special training can employ this pseudo-magic. So, I’m creating a character class called a ‘Shaman’ that is specific to the world of Grond. Shamans are taught by their elders from an early age how to channel the pseudo-magic and spend their ‘terms’ serving their tribe in whatever manner is required.

However, I want to make things interesting… as well as having a potentially positive effect, for example healing wounds, if a roll isn’t successful then the complete opposite effect will apply. So potentially, you could kill a fellow character as well as cure them! I’ll look at that in more detail as well as the actual ‘spells’ Shamans can practice.

So, here is the character generation process for a Shaman.

Prior Service Table
Enlistment 9+
DM +1 if Soc 8+
DM +2 if Int 9+

Survival 6+
DM +1 if Int 8+

Position 5+
DM +1 if Soc 5+

Promotion 8+
DM +1 if Soc 8+

Reenlist 6+

Table of Ranks
Rank 1 Initate
Rank 2 Acolyte
Rank 3 Priest
Rank 4 Master
Rank 5 Shaman
Rank 6 Chieftain

Benefits Table
1 Blade Weapon
2 +1 Soc
3 +1 Dex
4 Shamanic Staff
5 Horse and kit
6 Bow Weapon

Cash Benefits (Grond Currency)
2 2000
3 5000
4 7500
5 10000
6 15000

Automatic Skills – Shamanic Magic-1

Acquired Skills Table
Personal Development Table
1 +1 Strength
2 +1 Endurance
3 +1 Intelligence
4 +1 Social Standing
5 Survival
6 Blade Combat

Service Skills Table
1 Survival
2 Shamanic Magic
3 Blade combat
4 Bow Combat
5 Brawling
6 Hunting

Advanced Education Table (if EDU is +8)
1 Recon
2 Instruction
3 Leader
4 Riding
5 Medical
6 Jack-of-Trades

So there we have the Shaman character class, I’ll get the magic system bottomed out in part 8, which hopefully won’t be not too long in development hell…

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1 Response to The Fantasy Traveller Part 7 – The Shaman

  1. Gerall Kahla says:

    My Wanderer implementation is bottle necked at the magic system. I like your concept, and will watch this space for further inspiration!

    Survival skill /makes/ the Shaman for me. Thanks for sharing!

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