More Traveller Goodness and 21 Plots III Mini-Review

The Traveller RPG publishing scene continues to be a vibrant place to watch out for. Latest snippets I’ve gathered reports are:

Traveller 2013 Calendar

The Traveller 2013 Calendar continues apace under the direction of Ian Stead at Biomass Art. Due to the number of contributions, this looks like it might be an eigtheen-month edition. The variety and quality of contributed artwork is fantastic – you can follow progress on the Citizens of the Imperium Traveller RPG forum at: Traveller 2013 Calendar. I’ve posted my own contribution to the calendar entitled ‘Dust Runner’, which you can find at Digital Waterfalls.

Gypsy Knights Games and Spica Publishing Print Announcement

Both Gypsy Knights Games and Spica Publishing have announced a distribution and publishing deal with Chronicle City where you will be able to buy PDF’s and printed versions of their popular Traveller accessories and books. You can find the GKG announcement here GKG Blog Posting and the Spica announcement here at Spica’s website.

Digital Waterfalls Traveller Gallery

And with a bit of self-promotion to finish the news off with, I’ve updated my Digital Waterfalls gallery with a new section of Traveller RPG artwork, along with some other gallery changes (retiring old pieces, general webpage improvements). So far, I’ve added the colour art pieces that I contributed to the Gypsy Knights Games Cascadia Adventures books and will add new pieces that are either published, or I just feel like adding to the gallery.

Cover art

21 Plots III Mini-Review

Gypsy Knights Games have just released 21 Plots III at Drivethru RPG; continuing their successful series of referee gaming aids detailing in situations that can be rolled up in a matter of seconds, giving a nights worth of gaming or that can be easily inserted in an ongoing campaign. The book is 26 pages in length (including cover and copyright notice). For those unfamiliar with the format, 21 different plots or scenarios are presented, each with 1D6 possible outcomes. The presentation is clear and well laid out, I have noticed that there is a little less blank border space and the font has changed than in previous editions of the 21 Plots series. This is for the better as I get the impression there is more text per page. The background colour list of choices has changed to a light blue colour, which I think has more impact.

In addition, what is also different to previous 21 Plots editions is that the scenario’s are presented using GKG’s developing background of the Cascadia / Hub / Franklin / Sequoyah sourcebooks. This lends more ‘weight’ and colour to the descriptions of the situations, without detracting from the books usability with other OTU / ATU Traveller backgrounds. Simply change the sector and place names and you have something that will fit easily into your gaming session. Though the book only has one image to break up the pages (of a new creature),

A couple of favourites caught my imagination; ‘Nine Feet of Water’ I can imagine having a lot of fun winding up the party and putting them into potentially dangerous situations on their own ship, along with dealing with a nervous and irritating patron. ‘Are You Ready for Some Football’ is a fast-moving scenario where time is of the essence. Throw in some delaying tactics straight from films such as ‘Planes Trains and Automobiles’ or ‘Road Trip’ and I think this could be a funny as well as tense scenario to put the party through. All the scenarios in the book are well-balanced, use an average of 90% of the available page and in my opinion, there aren’t any ‘weak’ situations.

Another good quality GKG Traveller-compatible reference book for the very reasonable price of $4.99 from Drivethru RPG. My thanks to John Watts for supplying me with a copy to review.

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