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A few items of news for this late September posting; first of all, some sad news. Andrew Boulton, a well-known member of the Traveller RPG community and highly-regarded artist and co-ordinator of the Traveller Calendar, passed away suddenly in August. His loss has been a huge shock to everyone, especially on the Traveller RPG ‘Citizens of the Imperium’ forums where he was a highly-regarded administrator.

Andrew managed the Traveller RPG calendar since its inception in 2007, showcasing the talents of 3D artists, contributing pieces for the calendar, the sales profits of which were donated to a number of charities over the years.

Andrew will be sorely missed and my sincere condolences go to his family.

Since his passing, a number of artists, including myself have got together to continue Andrew’s good work and we are working towards producing the 2013 calendar. The work is being co-ordinated by the prolific artist Ian Stead (see sidebar link for his website) and work continues apace, ready for a release later this year. My own contribution is just about ready to send to Ian… I wonder what month I will be? ;o)

John Watts at Gypsy Knights Games has released a number of supplements recently, including another adventure which I’ve been fortunate to contribute the cover and some of the internal artwork (I know… shameless plug time!) The second in the Cascadia Adventures series ‘The Lost Girl’ is now available on Drivethru RPG for $4.99. John has also been busy with the release of ‘Subsector Sourcebook 4: Seqoyah’ which retails for $19.99. It is also available from Drivethru RPG.

Cover art

Ian Stead has also launched into the self-publishing market with his label ‘Gorgon Press’. Ian has so far produced four products; three ‘ship books’ detailing some new ship designs and deck plans for $9.99 each and a world supplement, for a cheap-as-chips $1.

And finally, Paul Elliott at Zozer Games has a new release pending for his ‘Outpost Mars’ supplement which I reviewed in my last post, which may fill in the bits I would have liked to have seen in a follow up supplement. I’m looking forward to seeing how the supplement develops the Outpost Mars setting, release date TBC.

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