Cascadia Adventures 1 – and a Shameless Plug…

A quick announcement on the latest Gypsy Knights Games release for the Traveller RPG; ‘Cascadia Adventures 1 – Save Our Ship’ is the first in a series of adventures set in the developing background of the Cascadia subsector, written by John Watts. It puts you in the situation to find out what has happened to an influential politician after a routine ferry job went wrong. Its available from Drivethru RPG for $4.99. Containing 38 pages, it features 9 pre-generated characters, loads of NPCs and ahem, artwork by yours truly!

CA1 Cover

I’ve been a bit quiet on the reviews front as I’ve been working hard to produce some artwork and deck plans for John’s latest publication, though I won’t do my usual review format, I hope you’ll buy it anyway ‘cos its a great product! ;o)

I’m looking to add a few ‘development’ images of the starship featured in the book, later here at Alegis Downport.

Other Traveller-Related News
Zhodani Base have launched their annual ’76 Patrons’ contest at: I’m looking at a possible entry for this – there is a $30 DriveThru RPG first prize!

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