21 Plots: Planetside – Review and a Birthday!

Before I dive into todays blog entry, I’d like to note that one of my articles was mentioned on the ‘Gamer Assembly’, for my latest in ‘The Fantasy Traveller’ articles I’ve been developing. For those interested at their website of news and other bloggers in the gaming scene, take a look at:- The Gamer Assembly.
The article they are referring to is:- The Fantasy Traveller – Part 6.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who has commented, visited, supported and contacted me over the past year! Alegis Downport is one year old on the 28th of March and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back into and developing my resurgent interest in the Traveller RPG. I’d like to make a special mention to John Watts at Gypsy Knights Games and Dale McCoy Jr at Jon Brazer Enterprises for providing me with products to review and making this blog a much greater success (in my eyes) than I ever hoped.

Thank you everyone!

Ok, on with the review…

John Watts at Gypsy Knights Games kindly sent me a copy of the latest in the ’21 Plots’ series and I’d like to take a look at it here. It is a 28 page watermarked PDF available from Drivethru RPG for $4.99.

The book provides 21 scenarios or situations that have six possible outcomes, which can be chosen or determined by a dice roll. The presentation is one per page and the text generally fills each page with descriptions. The theme for the book are situations that a group (rather than solo players) of characters are likely to encounter whilst on the surface of a world. Some are set on the ‘Quick Worlds’, others have no specific setting other than being on a planet and there is no requirement to own any of the Quick Worlds books to use the scenario. There is a good range of situations and variety of outcomes within the six possible outcomes for each one.

21 Plots Cover
Image source: Drivethru RPG

The quality of the 21 Plots series has consistently got better and this feels like a very good product. This is evidenced in the use of some high quality graphics on the cover and on the inner introduction page, though no other graphics are used elsewhere in the book. However, if there was any extra graphics, I think this would ‘cram’ the layout and spoil the look of the presentation. From my perspective, there wasn’t any ‘weak’ or underdeveloped situations and each one makes full use of text filling the page. No maps are provided; but this is precisely the intention behind the book, to give the referee an easy way to introduce a scenario to a group or insert some variety to an ongoing campaign. What makes this better than the two previous ’21 Plots’ books is that the six possible outcomes have been developed to a greater degree, offer a much wider choice of outcomes and have a greater amount of text describing the option.

My favourite? A difficult choice as there are many strong scenario’s, however I would like to nominate number ‘1’ – ‘In Search of…’ as a personal fave, it reminds me of the Classic Traveller double adventure ‘Marooned / Marooned Alone’. Though the book doesn’t specify a planet, one of the Quick Worlds – ‘Tal ‘Kalares’ would be a suitable backdrop for the scenario.

I’ve been very impressed by this book, it makes enjoyable, thought-provokng reading and there is enough material in here to keep a referee inspired for a good while. An absolute steal at $4.99 – buy it, you won’t regret it!

As a side note – it is also available as a bundle with the other two 21 Plots books, also at Drivethru RPG for $11.97. It can be found at here.

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  1. Paul Elliott says:

    Hi guys, how can I send you a complimentary copy of a new Traveller product, in the hopes you might review it???!! 🙂 The product is Planetary Tool Kit 1: Ubar, by Zozer Games.

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