Traveller RPG Products – New Releases

Whilst I’m putting together some reviews, I thought I’d mention some of the latest Traveller RPG products that have appeared recently.

Gypsy Knights Games have been very busy recently releasing a stream of products in their ‘Quick Worlds’ line, including:-

21 Plots: Planetside
The latest in the ’21 Plots’ series, this follows the same format as the Classic Traveller supplement ’76 Patrons’, where a situation or short scenario is described, with six possible outcomes. This release focuses on situations that a party would encounter on a planet or surface. It can be found on Drivethru RPG and as a bundle in 63 Plots.

Subsector Sourcebook 2: Franklin
A pretty big release in the form of a whole subsector, containing 21 complete worlds described in the familiar Quick Worlds format. This is a sort of compilation of a number of previously published Quick Worlds, but also bolstered by the addition of previously-unpublished worlds. It can be found at Drivethru RPG for $19.99.

Franklin cover

All of the following Quick Worlds mentioned below are available as watermarked PDF’s for $3.99, via the links in each paragraph.

Quick Worlds 21: Karnataka
The first of the four quick worlds I’m going to mention here, Karnataka is a dry world that is controlled by two rulers. Drivethru RPG have a link here.

Quick Worlds 22: Minerva
Minerva is the opposite to Karnataka, where it is almost completely covered in water. It can be purchased from here.

Quick Worlds 23: Ararat
Another water world, Ararat has the added bonus of another world described within the product – the ice planet of Durupinar. Take a look at Drivethru RPG.

Quick Worlds 24: Erlik
This is the latest in the Gypsy Knights Games releases; Erlik is a cold planet, ruled by a council of seven men intent on maintaining things the way they are. For this latest GKG release, the PDF can be found at (you guessed it): Drivethru RPG

I’ll be reviewing the GKG releases in much more detail in my next posts.

Spica Publishing
The ‘Outer Veil‘ is an alternative Traveller-compatible background set in the near future, based around a frontier environment exploring the near (interstellar) space around the Sol system. The book has additional careers, starships and world of the Outer Veil background. The book is available as a 156-page watermarked PDF for the (currently) reduced price of $14.99 (normal RRP $24.99) and is a silver seller on Drivethru RPG. Note that there is an additional sector map available for $1.43 here.

Outer Veil Cover

Spica’s latest release is ‘Career Book 3‘, presenting 14 new careers for Traveller and 54 pre-generated characters, along with rules extensions.

Avalon Game Company

Far Avalon

Far Avalon is another Traveller-compatible background written by Martin J. Dougherty. There are a number of books already out in the series and is set in a sector that has been cut off from the rest of human-dominated space. Book 2 – Starships and Spacecraft and Book 3 Traveller Conversion expand on the background, along with a couple of spacecraft books. Book 1 of Far Avalon is available for $7.99 at Drivethru RPG.

Overall this is good for the Traveller RPG marketplace and is encouraging to see plenty of new material being developed!

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