The Fantasy Traveller Part 4 – Characters and Equipment

Today I’m jumping back to my Fantasy-Traveller-esq planet of Grond, to add a bit more to the development process if I can make a simple conversion of Classic Traveller, to a Fantasy environment. I’m in the process put together a small dungeon to test out my two character types, a barbarian and a rogue. The aim of putting these two cannon-fodder characters is that I want to see how deadly hand-to-hand combat in a fantasy world, is in Traveller, comparing it with other dungeon-crawling RPG systems.

But first, some errata; When going back to the ‘barbarian’ character creation, I noticed that I did not fully convert the mustering out tables. Therefore I’d like to preset them here (I’ll also update the original blog post).

Mustering Out Table for Barbarians:

1 Dagger
2 Blade
3 Blade
4 Blade
5 Bow weapon
6 Ticket on ocean ship to next city
7 Hovel / Place of residence

Something that I’m puzzled by, is why there was no entry for ‘5’ in the original tables!?! Odd…

I’ve been mucking around in Bryce again…

So, lets put together a couple of characters and equip them, using the rules as described in my previous Fantasy Traveller postings:-

Character #1 (male)
Name: Magroc
UPP: E78754
Age: 24
Number of terms: 2
Skills: Gambling-1, Sword-2, Bow Combat-1 (Long Bow), Streetwise-1, Blade Combat-1 (Dagger).
Benefits: 50000Cr (Grond ‘Groats’ – lucky roll!), sword and a dagger.

Character #2 (male)
Name: Tayllin
UPP: 999877
Age: 31
Number of terms: 3
Skills: Carousing-1, Riding-1, Bow combat-1 (Long Bow), Sword-1, Streetwise-1, Forgery-1.
Benefits: 5000 Groats, 2 x Swords and a Long Bow.

Before our victims, sorry I mean heroes journey to gain fame and fortune, I’ve put together the equipment tables to use in Grond;

Equipment Tables
From CT book 1, I’ve converted the weapons costs to Grond currency. The easiest way to do this is to simply add an extra zero onto the costs in CT book 1. Example, daggers cost 100 groats.

Weapons that are available, are:-

Item Cost (Groats)
Dagger 100
Foil 1000
Cutlass 1000
Sword 1500
Broadsword 3000

Bayonet 100
Spear 100
Pike 400
Halberd 750
Cudgel 100

As Grond is a pretty primitive world, I’m only making two types of armour available;

Jack, which is made from real leather. Cost = 500
Cloth, basically a padded cloth jacket. Cost = 2500

From CT book 4 ‘Bow Weapons’ table:-

Item Cost (Groats)
Sling 10
Short Bow 500
Long Bow 750
Sporting Crossbow 1500
Military Crossbow 2500
Cranequin 1000
Repeating Crossbow 1000

All ammunition prices are 20 groats each.

There isn’t much in the way of equipment listed in CT book 1 that can be used for such a low-tech world. So, I’ve added some stuff that I think will be useful:-

Item Cost (Groats)
Torch 10
Oil Lamp 100
Carpentry Tool Set 3000
Metalwork Tool Set 15000
Lock Pick Set 100
Disguise Kit 10000
Tarpaulin 100
Tent 2000

I’ve added a few other items to bolster up the equipment list, taking some inspiration from the 5th edition rulebook of Tunnels and Trolls:-

Item Cost (Groats)
Clothing and Pack 50
1 day of provisions (includes matches) 20
Explorers pack (Mirror, wax, chalk, salt, twine, needle and matches) 100
Rope 30ft Length 200
Skin of Oil 30
Boots 50
Sandals 30
20 Climbing Pitons 200
Piton Hammer 100

For the next post, I’ll get them to pop round the local shops and equip themselves, before taking the trip to the local dungeon, to try their hand…

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