Quick Worlds 20: Atargatis Review

This Quick Worlds release from Gypsy Knights Games differs slightly in that it is being offered as a free product, to prospective purchasers. The aim is to introduce buyers to the Quick Worlds line and feedback from purchasers is actively encouraged, so that future products can be improved. An email address is noted inside the book should buyers wish to do this.

QW20 Cover

The book can be downloaded from Drivethru RPG for absolutely nothing as a PDF and is 13 pages long. The book is presented in the familiar Quick Worlds style with system data (and the monochrome system map), government and planetary information. Possible adventure hooks are dotted throughout the book, the layout is clear and I only noticed one typo.

The background to the world is a former member of of a ruling technocracy has taken over and become dictator. Security on Atargatis is extremely tight and can be perceived as out of proportion to the numbers of inhabitants.


Image: A depiction of Atah, one of the moons of Anat, which is inhabited by a mining colony owned by the Blaylock Mining Corporation. (c) S.Attwood, created in Bryce.

Adventure Link
A representative of one of the dictators wives contacts the players regarding some suitable work opportunities. She would like the players to provide some ‘off-worlder feedback’ on some aspects of the palace construction.

However, when Audreta speaks to them in person, it is with an entirely different proposition. She is getting fed up of having to share her husband with Bernice and wants her ‘framed’ so that she falls out of favour and the husband forces a divorce with Bernice. It will be up to the players to come up with a plot to frame Bernice and make it look as though she wants to assassinate her husband.

The palace, being a construction site, should provide plenty of opportunity with the hazards that it presents. There are areas of scaffolding on the outside of the palace (ideal places for falling objects), dodgy electrical cabling that could cause electrocution or ways to slip and fall from a great height.

Once aware of the plot, it could be entirely possible for the players to double-cross Audreta and detail the plot to Bernice. She may want to try the same sort of thing against Audreta and increase up the players fee.

Though Atargatis doesn’t offer any extra graphics illustrating the planet or lists of creatures, such as found in Tal ‘Kalares, it does provide an excellent way to see what the Quick Worlds line offers. At zero cost to the prospective customer, this is great value and I’d recommend any Traveller or sci-fi gamer to take a look.

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