More plots than you can shake a stick at – 21 Plots Too!

Gypsy Knights Games have released a follow up to their well-received ‘21 Plots‘ Traveller-compatible supplement (my review can be found here). The book has as the name suggests, 21 different scenario idea’s for the hard-pressed referee in the familiar ’76 Patrons’ format, which presents 6 possible outcomes. The book is designed to give the referee a spark of inspiration for a gaming session, inserted into an ongoing campaign or an interesting diversion.

The product is available on Drivethru RPG for the very reasonable sum of $4.99 as a watermarked PDF. For this, you get a 26 page file with an attractive cover (Can Stock photo – AlgolOnline).

21 Plots Too Cover

The book continues the ‘clean’ page style that I favour (ie. no page edge arty-ness), with each outcome broken up with a pale grey highlight, making to easy to read through the list.

One of the immediate impressions I have about ’21 Plots Too’, is that a great deal of thought has gone into the number of different variations within a single plot. The amount of text in each page has been increased in comparison to ’21 Plots’ which has benefited the introduction and how each option is developed. This makes the plot easier to pick up and elaborate further. Whereas in the previous edition there were a few plots that were a little ‘sparse’ (for my liking) in the description text, the general level of description consistency across all the plots is very good. The only exception being the last plot, which I think is the weakest of the book and could have done with a bit more text. The one thing that I did note is that most of the plots assume that the party have access to a starship; In other reviews of ’21 Plots’ it has been said that this might not be a fair assumption to make. Personally I think it is fair to assume a party has a starship and something that most Traveller groups aspire to early in their adventures. The only situations that I can think of where they wouldn’t have a starship are if they’re just starting out, they’ve ‘lost’ the ship through various means (piracy, gambling) or have become stranded. Therefore I think the product stands up well and good value can be gained from the ideas presented in it.

I found it difficult to choose a favourite from the book because of the overall high standard of all the plots. However, if I was refereeing a group, I’d like to run ‘Lunar Prisoners’ as it presents plenty of opportunities for action. To develop the plot further or widen its context, it could be linked to the Classic Traveller adventure ‘Prison Planet’ or similarly, the Mongoose Publishing version of the same name.

Obviously, some of the plots are linked to other Gypsy Knights products from the ‘Quick Worlds’ series or ‘SS1: Cascadia‘ (reviewed here), though these are limited to about one third of the book and in no way are they required to run a plot. They can be easily adapted to work in any referee’s Traveller ‘universe’. Additionally, another supplement that can help to identify suitable worlds to base some of the plots, is ‘The Spinward Marches’ of both Classic and Mongoose flavours, for example the scenario’s ‘Mail Call’ or ‘Bandits’. ‘System Defense’ could be any red or amber zone world from the same sector.

Overall, this is a substantial improvement over the (but still good) original ’21 Plots’ book and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

As a final note, I would like to add that both ’21 Plots’ and ‘SS1: Cascadia’ can now be purchased in printed book format, again via Drivethru RPG.

Second (final!) note – as John from Gypsy Knights has confirmed in his comment, ’21 Plots Too’ is now available in softcover from Drivethru RPG for a very reasonable $10.99. The option to purchase in this format can be found via the same link at Drivethru RPG

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  1. Thanks Steve!
    And BTW, 21 Plots Too is now also in print and available at Drive-Thru RPG.

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