The Fantasy Traveller – Part 3 – Rogues

Before I start coming up with some dungeons for my barbarians of Grond to start pillaging, I’m going to revisit CT: Book 4 Citizens of the Imperium and see what I can do to create a Rogue character class. I thought this would better reflect the Conan-esq world I’m creating, in line with the original Conan films that were out in the eighties.

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Ok, so back to page 8 in book 4; enlistment is as described. However the benefits table is going to need some work. So, my idea is to change it to:-

1 +1 Dexterity
2 +1 Social Standing
3 Bow Weapon
4 Blade Weapon
5 Lock Pick Set (+1 DM to rolls for opening doors/gates)
6 Blade and Bow Weapons
7 –

Cash Benefits Table (in Grond currency)
1 –
2 –
3 1000
4 2000
5 5000
6 10000
7 10000

Automatic Skills – Streetwise-1 remains the same

Personal Development Table – I suggest keep this the same as listing on page 9 of book 4.

Service Skills Table
Change ‘Demolition’ to ‘Interrogation’ skill.
Change ‘Vehicle’ to ‘Riding’ skill.

‘Bloody hell Conan, your next challenge is grim; you’ve got to play the lead role in Kindergarten Cop!’

Riding skill definition – persons with this skill are proficient in riding beasts of burden such as horses, camels or mules.

Advanced Education Table
Change ‘Ship Tactics’ to ‘Tactics’ skill.
Change Computer to Water Craft – the definition being, choose from either operating small boat, or ship hand.

So, I now have two character types to use. I want to look at the viability of dungeon exploring and combat using the Classic Traveller rules in the next posting in this series. My initial feeling is that this is going to be deadly…

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