The Fantasy Traveller – Some Grond Detail and Animal Encounters

I’m continuing my articles using the published Classic Traveller rule set, to create a ‘fantasy’ world and framework with which to run D&D style scenarios and adventures. In this article, I’m moving onto a bit more background of the world and what encounter tables to use for creatures and beasties. I’ve also revised the terrain map generated in H&E as I imagine the world of Grond to have more desert than the first revision of the map.

Animal Encounters
Grond is a small world with a standard atmosphere, therefore I’m using the encounter tables from Supplement 2: Animal Encounters, pages 8 to 11. I’ve used the relevant tables according to the type of terrain that was generated from H&E.

The tables from ‘Clear’ and ‘Prairie’ I will use for the hexes indicated on the map by green ‘land’.

The table used for ‘Desert’ is easy to match up as there is a yellow desert hex.

Mountain hexes are covered by the mountain terrain table.

Rugged hexes can be used with the help of the ‘Rough’ and ‘Broken’ terrain tables.

Though not indicated on the map generated by H&E, I have the ‘Forest’, ‘Jungle’, ‘River’, ‘Swamp’ and ‘Marsh’ tables available for encounters where I saw fit to use them, or they could be fitted into an adventure. I don’t think these types of hex are generated in H&E.

I’ve also revised the map of Grond by adding further cities and filling in some desert, land and water ice hexes in Paint Shop Pro.

If a Barbarian character is created via the process described in article one, he/she will need some equipment with which to start adventuring. For weapons, I’d advise referring to the lists for blades and polearms on page 10 of Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium and page 11 for bow weapons.

At this point, I thought I should start writing equipment lists, but stopped. The whole point to these ‘Fantasy Traveller’ articles is to keep everything simple and not get drawn into the trap of starting to write up huge lists of equipment and ‘stuff’, so the game focus can be on exploring and role playing.

I may put together an equipment list at a later date, in order to give a sense of ‘cost’ to buy something on Grond, if I develop the world description further and for scenario’s.

Grond – World Description
Grond is dominated by a single continent, broken up by three large seas. The world is populated by humans – life is brutal, harsh and tribal. Most of the planet is warm/semi-tropical, average tempearture 25deg celsius. The average TL (in Traveller terms) is ‘1’, so this means typical weaponry available on the world is the dagger, sword and pike. Armour is classed as jack, in Grond terms I would say this is limited use of plate and chainmail, though leather, spiked leather and shields are the norm. For population as a rough estimate, I’ll place a dozen cities of varing sizes up to 30,000 inhabitants around the equator.

As the nations of Grond are tribal, the few that do exist are usually warring with each other at some time or another. This is the typical way that the barbarian ‘career’ gains their experience (and some cash…) and getting out of the military in some way or another. At this point they decide to turn their hand at adventuring and this is where players can start exploring Grond.

Another way for adventurers to gain wealth and fame is by exploring the dungeons of Grond… but I’ll leave that for another article!

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