Quick Worlds 12: Megara Review

Gypsy Knights Games have recently launched their latest book in the ‘Quick Worlds’ series, a world named ‘Megara’. The book is available as a downloadable watermarked PDF file from Drivethru RPG for the very reasonable sum of $3.99.

The cover depicts a coastal city scene, which looks fine. However, there is one problem which makes the cover look a little rough around the edges. Because red does not lend itself well to JPEG compression, the title lettering has not translated well and lacks sharpness. The ‘Traveller’ compatible logo looks as though it has been ‘virtually’ stuck to the cover, revealing a thin line around the logo. A little less compression and cleanup of the areas of black can easily solve this.

Quick Worlds 12 Cover

The book starts with the now familiar format of presenting the basic system data, followed by the a full page image of the planet itself. The only complaint I have with the image is that there is a bit too much ‘black’ filling the page, where the planet takes up only a small part of the image. It would be great to see a larger planet in the image (revealing more detail of the planetary surface), some colour and stars in the background. I think this would help greatly to increase the visual impact of the page. Further detail on the makeup of the planet is then followed by a map of the world in traditional Traveller planet map hex format.

I also noticed in the system map that the Megara has an eccentric orbit, it would have been useful to see mention how this influences the planet and its inhabitants, which could lead to useful adventure hooks. The book then details more background of the world and its inhabitants, much of which is politically orientated. I wouldn’t let this put you off, there is an interesting situation building on the world and could form the basis of some long running Traveller campaigns.

It has been identified by another reviewer a problem with the orbital period, which led to some errors in the calendar and system data. As soon as this was identified Gypsy Knights forwarded me an updated copy with the revised system information. I understand from John Watts that everyone who has purchased a copy has been sent an updated version. Yes, mistakes do occur in proofreading but it was rectified quickly and customers contacted. In this respect, I think Gypsy Knights Games should be commended for their speedy response and customer support.

Though I found the product content interesting, I must admit I didn’t find it quite as engaging as the previous product I reviewed (Quick Worlds 11: Chance) and found it a little harder to think of my own adventure hooks. I should note that there are some adventure ideas within the book itself, which is enough to get you started.

However, I’d like to list a few I came up with, hopefully by not revealing too much about the product. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to buy the PDF…!

1. Some person of noble background has a sick relative and needs drugs, that it is believed a very high ranking government official holds. The party needs to obtain these by breaking into government buildings.

2. A high ranking member of the citizenry has left Megara under the guise of a routine excursion. The person feels they are being followed by members of the security forces and wants to claim political asylum. Unfortunately that person needs to get to another planet some distance away and the security forces give chase…

3. The party is contacted by a gang who are in competition with a rival gang, supplying illegal alcohol to certain high ranking officials in government. If the party can intercept the moonshine, swap it for some dodgy stuff to complete the shipment, it will help some local rebels associated with the patron gang to overthrow the government.

Overall, I liked book, I do think that there are a few rough edges such as the cover lettering on the front page and the inside full page graphic – however with a bit of work this will help to make a more polished product.

My grateful thanks for John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games sending me a copy of ‘Megara’ to review.

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