Traveller RPG Competition Round-up

Whilst writing my latest review of Gypsy Knights Games Quick Worlds 12: Megara, I thought I’d take a few minutes out to mention competitions that are being run by some of the Traveller community.

First off (because the deadline is this Friday!) is the Gypsy Knights Games artwork contest for their Quick Worlds 1: Kyiv product. They are looking for a suitable scene that best describes the world of Kyiv, but please note that because of copyright restrictions, symbols and craft commonly found in the Traveller OTU can’t be used. Check out their blog (entries dated the 17th of July and 7th of August) for more information. Act quickly for a chance to win $50 and some future releases!

The next one is being run by Jeff Zeitlin who publishes the fan-supported Traveller magazine Freelance Traveller. The contest is to create a career in the Wet Navy, with the technology level limited to the level of the age of sail. The prize is for the winning entry to appear in the October 2011 edition of Freelance Traveller and to become involved in a future project with Jeff, where the career will become a core component of the undisclosed project (sounds mysterious!) You’ll have to think quickly on this one – get your entries in by 31st of August. For more details, jump to the link here on the CotI forum.

The final contest is the ’76 Patrons’ contest being run by Zho at (aka ‘The Zhodani Base’). I think this is the third year that this has been run and the format is quite straightforward; create a patron encounter in the same format (ie. six choices) as the famous Classic Traveller supplement: 76 Patrons.

The full details can be found at the following link. There are a couple of gift certificate prizes from DriveThru RPG, so this is worth going for (I’m drafting my own entry…!) You have a bit longer for this one – the closing date is the 30th of September.

Good luck!

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