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The Fantasy Traveller – Some Grond Detail and Animal Encounters

I’m continuing my articles using the published Classic Traveller rule set, to create a ‘fantasy’ world and framework with which to run D&D style scenarios and adventures. In this article, I’m moving onto a bit more background of the world … Continue reading

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Quick Worlds 12: Megara Review

Gypsy Knights Games have recently launched their latest book in the ‘Quick Worlds’ series, a world named ‘Megara’. The book is available as a downloadable watermarked PDF file from Drivethru RPG for the very reasonable sum of $3.99. The cover … Continue reading

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Traveller RPG Competition Round-up

Whilst writing my latest review of Gypsy Knights Games Quick Worlds 12: Megara, I thought I’d take a few minutes out to mention competitions that are being run by some of the Traveller community. First off (because the deadline is … Continue reading

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