Finding Starter Traveller

I had a big clear out of my garage today and managed to dig out my original copy of ‘Starter Traveller’ which had been packed up since I brought all my stuff from my parents house about eighteen months ago.

Unfortunately the box hasn’t survived the elements as well as I would have liked. There is some outer box ‘crush’ damage and it looks like a little damp has got to the bottom of the box and the main rule book. However, everything else is there including the charts and tables, adventure book and map (I have the dice elsewhere).

This is the first edition of Traveller I picked up back in 1985-86 (I think) because the original classic boxed set wasn’t on sale in my local Games Workshop.

So, I picked up a copy of Starter Traveller as I wanted to get into the Traveller rules set. I remember running a few games including the enclosed ‘Shadows’ and ‘Mission on Mithril’ and a couple of my own, including an Alien-esq adventure with CoC monsters.

Not long after, Games Workshop started to become a ‘house’ store and less and less GDW products appeared on the shelves. I eventually took a sabbatical from RPG’s for a few years, but I never picked up Traveller again. It did remain the one system that I always wanted to ‘do more’ with over the years and nearly thirty years later, I’ve started collecting the LBB’s again, to add to my original Starter Traveller set.

What I did find at the time was that the rules were easy to pick up, especially where certain sections had been revised to make it easier for new players. I remember being slightly confused by magazine references to the differing rules in the basic and deluxe sets, so I think the starter set achieved its aim in the way the mechanics had been changed to make it easier to play.

Even now, I still refer to the starter set rules to help remind me of something, whilst using the classic rules as my main point of reference.

I just wish I picked up more LBB’s when I was younger… but I’m glad the internet is around now to help me track copies down!

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