Quick Worlds 11: Chance Review

I’ll start this blog posting with some thanks which go to John Watts at Gypsy Knights Games for getting touch again and giving me the opportunity to review their latest release – ‘Quick Worlds 11: Chance’.

Gypsy Knights Games have been releasing a number of their ‘Quick Worlds’ supplements which are designed to provide inspiration and some background of a single planet/system for a Traveller RPG referee. The latest in the series is a world called ‘Chance’, which is set (as the name suggests) on a gambling and entertainments world. The product is supplied as a PDF and can be purchased from Drive Thru RPG for the very reasonable sum of $3.99.

Product Description
The supplement is a fifteen page watermarked PDF, of which ten pages contain actual content (the cover, inside page title and three pages of copyright notices form the rest). Of the ten pages, there are two colour illustrations of the system and planetary map in the standard Traveller world map format. A further page holds all the UWP planetary data in standard Traveller format. This is clearly laid out and lists all the key features of the system and world. However the only thing that I would have to have liked to have seen is the additional planetary codes as used in CT Book 7: Merchant Prince. However, in this supplements case, I’m not sure any additional data would have been applicable anyway due to the planetary system’s description.

The governmental detail then describes how Chance is run, by whom and the legal status of the world. The next page describes the cultural background to the world. Throughout the product, useful adventure hooks are highlighted. Mongoose character types are described and the way they can get the most out of a visit to Chance. Though specific these are specific Mongoose character types, they could be adapted to any version of Traveller.

Quick Worlds 11 Cover

Image link from Drivethru RPG

The remainder of the text describes specific places and personalities that adventurers would encounter. There are one or two ‘strange’ places to visit… you’ll just have to buy the product to see!

As I read the supplement, I started to get plenty of ideas how I could integrate ‘Chance’ into a gaming session. I’ve noted a few of my own ideas here… feel free to use as you see fit;

Casino Gunfight:
The players have been contracted by one of the main families (and owners of the main casinos) to bring some valuable item to the world. It should be a routine drop, but the other crime syndicates have got other ideas. Which leads to a gun fight in a crowded casino and a desperate escape attempt…

Matrix Lobby Gunfight Scene
Image Link: (website) The Awesomer / (Film) The Matrix

The Arena:
One of the players party is encouraged to take part in a gladiatorial contest with increasingly difficult opponents. The duels are televised and as the player makes progress, they becomes more and more famous… until eventually they are ‘encouraged’ to throw their next fight – or else!

Mysterious Disappearances:
Whilst staying at one of the hotels, it has been noted that some of the guests have disappeared. One of the guests contracts the party to find their relative/whoever and the party finds lift buttons that go to the lower levels, where an unpleasant surprise is waiting for them. Think of the Ovions in the original Battlestar Galactica…

Any Downsides?
Though personalities are mentioned, there aren’t any specific character stats listed. Though I would have liked a bit more background to some of the more nefarious characters, I think it would have defeated the aim of book, in that it gives enough information to develop a background, but does not restrict the referee or limit the products ability to fit into a gaming session/campaign. These types of statistics can be easily obtained from supplements such as the supplement ‘1001 Characters’.

I think the style and level of content of the book is pitched about right. There is just enough information to inspire a gaming session, there are some interesting and unusual places to visit on Chance and the content detailed enough so as inspire and fit into an existing gaming session. I enjoyed reading ‘Quick Worlds 11’ and consider it good value. Recommended!

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