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I’ve now got the ‘About’ page finished, copyright notices, links and other widgets pretty well sorted out today.

The TNE-2 CDROM arrived last week, took six days for it to be shipped from the ‘states and pretty good it is too. It can be found here at the TNE-2 CDROM contents. The main items I wanted to obtain was the Traveller 1248 background, written by Martin J. Dougherty. I managed to read the first sourcebook ‘Out of the Darkness’ in about three days flat and overall I’m pretty impressed. Its 168 pages in length and details the period from 1116 to 1248, detailing the collapse of the Third Imperium, the dark years of ‘Virus’ and the lead up to the recovery and creation of the Fourth Imperium.

Though my personal preference has always been the ‘Classic Traveller’ edition, I’ve been interested in what happened in the TNE variant of the game and being the edition that takes the Traveller timeline as far as any other edition has done.

The style of writing is very easy and there is plenty to keep you engaged throughout the book, including clarification on what happened to a number of personalities and events mentioned in previous editions of Traveller. Perhaps the only criticism I have is that the book is a little light on images to break up the text and the events can seem like ‘A fights B’, then ‘B fights C’, ‘C then has a fight against A and B’, much destruction, hopelessness, destruction… Sometimes it does feel that the events are a little stretched to simply get to the end point, which is the year 1248.

Overall, I’d give the book 8/10 and I’m going to get started on the the other three sourcebooks contained on the CD…

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