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This is the first entry in my new blog ‘Alegis Downport’, a Traveller RPG related blog. I wanted to record my resurgent interest in the Traveller RPG, after following a number of blogs and forums for the past two or three years. I’ve been creating raytraced and sci-fi images using a variety of 3D programs for a number of years, over at my website ‘Digital Waterfalls’ www.digitalwaterfalls.co.uk, based on the ‘Terran Trade Authority Handbooks’ by Stewart Cowley. The TTA was going through a bit of a revival a few years ago, which, due to the new publisher going out of business, has fallen out of favour again.

However, the Traveller RPG has been going for a number of years and there has been a pretty consistent level of interest, increasing recently with Mongoose Publishing updating the Classic Traveller rules and releasing quite a bit of material.

My RPG experience dates from the early eighties (I suppose I’m what you would call an ‘Old Schooler’) and remember forays into my local Games Workshop to buy loads of books and miniatures with pocket money. I still own virtually all of what I bought over the years; one of the first miniatures sets I purchased was the Traveller boxed sets of 15mm figures, specifically the ‘Ships Crew’ and the ‘Aliens’ sets. Most have received several coats of paint and before my interest in RPG’s died off in the early nineties, I purchased additional miniatures.

Around 2002 and having regular high-speed access to the internet, I started to pick up on some of the forums and websites supporting Traveller and then in 2008, I discovered the ‘Far Future Enterprises’ website, selling the Classic Traveller PDF CD-ROMs. Purchasing these, quickly followed by the JTAS (Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society) magazine and 2300AD CD-ROMs, I’ve enjoyed reading the entire library of Classic Traveller RPG material. To be honest, the only ‘proper’ Traveller books I ever purchased was the ‘Starter Traveller’ set, but I never managed to make full use of the rules for gaming. I actually have only a limited amount of experience playing and using the Classic Traveller rules, so I’m going to enjoy learning them some thirty years after first coming across Traveller.

My main aims using Traveller are:-
See what I can make creating some form of solo rules/adventures.
Create sector/subsector environments, worlds and background.
Adapt and develop new 3D artwork suited for the Traveller background.

Now, my group gaming days are over, but my Traveller RPG interest continues. Being the ‘creative’ sort, I would like to use my imagination and (limited) 3D artist skills to explore the Traveller universe further and hopefully get some enjoyment from the creative process.

So, these pages will document that process and hopefully benefit the Traveller RPG community in some way. The name of the site ‘Alegis Downport’ relates to a world name I have used on the Digital Waterfalls TTA pages and which I am developing a subsector background.
Oh, by the way… some of the pages and content in this blog will ‘evolve’ over the coming weeks so I make no apologies for default WordPress pages and default links appearing at the moment!

Cheers, Steve

About AlegisDownport

Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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